Beyonce Rocks All-Pink Ensemble In NYC — Love Or Loathe Her Look?

Beyonce has been switching up her style so much recently and we’re seriously loving it! She’s been going above and beyond with accessories & has even been mixing patterns & prints. Her latest look, out in NYC on Oct. 5th, was an all-pink ensemble. While we love the pieces separately, we’re not so sure we loved everything together. 

Queen Bey, 35, was wearing such a fabulous outfit in NYC and she went full blown pink!

She opted to wear a pink Intarsia Merino Wool Knit Top with a giant, colorful bedazzled butterfly on the front and the number 2 on her arm. She paired the sweater with a pink and white, candy-striped Gucci Pleated Metallic Striped Stretch-Silk Midi Skirt, a vintage Gucci Canvas Military Hat, and a Gucci Merveilles Lips Small Pouch Bag which was bedazzled in rhinestones. She topped her entire look off with red Saint Laurent Grace Velvet Sandals.

Bey even went above and beyond when she topped her look off with a huge, oversized pink leather jacket completely bedazzled in gems and rhinestones. We are so obsessed with all of her pieces on their own. If she had paired the sweater with different bottoms or rocked the skirt with a different top, we probably would have liked her outfit a bit more.

Lately, Beyonce has been on an accessories rampage! Just the other day she rocked a huge fur clutch that said ‘I Kiss Better Than I Cook,’ in neon pink, with a camo baseball cap, and blue heels with lip accents.

We love that she’s been trying new things, but we’re not sure if we love this look or not! What do you guys think of Beyonce’s pink outfit — do you like it?


Latin American Music Awards 2016-Where Entertainment Meets Style

The second annual Latin American Music Awards took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on the 6th of October, 2016 with a lot of stars in attendance.

Below are some of the red carpet looks. Some of the stars looked ravishing, while some didn’t quite get it right.

Rashel Diaz

Red hot diva

Lele Pons

No accessories and she pulled off the look nicely

Carmen Aub

Those legs…

Ana Maria Canseco

Simple and classy. I guess less is better afterall

Sibley Scoles

I got mixed feelings about this one

Jesse Joy Huerta

Everything about this picture hurts my eyes

Karol G

Love the look

Fanny Lu

Just perfect

Kate Del Castillo

Oh well…

Patricia Manterola

This is how to show flesh without looking trashy

Goyo ChocQuibTown

I want so bad to say I like this but…

Sharlene Taule

Me likey…

Chiquis Rivera

Just the right amount of sparkle

Tara Reid

You just can’t go wrong with a combination of gold and purple. I looooove the smokey eyes

Gaby Espino

Can’t seem to be able to make up my mind on this one

Aislinn Derbez

Aislinn sure could learn from Patricia

Alicia Machado
20 years post Miss Universe title, and she’s still got it

Idina Menzelr

Feel like there’s too much going on with the dress



Sheila E

I really can’t place it…

Rosie Rivera

Head over heels in love with this

Becky G
She absolutely killed it in that dress. Guess I saved the best for last…

Brooches: An Underestimated Fashion Accessory

Brooches have been around since like forever and can be worn to virtually any event and on all pieces of clothing. It has the ability to make you stand out in a crowd.

How And Where To Wear A Brooch

  • Dress: Accentuate your bust lines by placing an attractive brooch at the bottom of the vee. Bothered about that dress being too big- not to worry, the brooch’s got you covered. Simply gather the extra fabric in the back (like from the bust, because you need that to fit) and pin it with the brooch.

  • Lapel: This is the most versatile place where you can put pieces of any type, size or colour.


  • Blouse or Shirt: Place a medium sized geometric brooch near the collar of your shirt or blouse, to join both ends of the fabric.


  • Hair bun: To add a little sparkle to your hair, simply attach a brooch to a plain hair bun and tie up your hair as you would normally do.


  • Hat or Beret: Pick your favourite brooch and stick it onto your plain-coloured hat to create a signature piece that looks great.


  • Jeans: Add loads of glitz and glam to your denims. Shimmering crystals and cubic zirconia will look good on any jeans. If you do not already have a sequin-clad pair, a brooch with multiple crystals provides an easy way to add sparkles and glitter.


  • Shoes: Attach plain-coloured , abstract brooches or funky multi-coloured pins to the band or near the seam for rigidity and you have an instant pair of jewelled footwear. Try different but similarly styled brooches for the left and right shoe.


  • Skirt: A large floral brooch can make a big difference to your plain skirt . Place it in the middle or to your side, whichever suits the style.


  • Clutch, Bag or Purse: To give a makeover to a dull-looking bag, simply add one floral brooch to the corner or place it right at the centre to glam up the bag.