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The one place you should never get a piercing according to an expert

​Piercings can be tricky things, with so many horror stories and dos and don’t floating around the internet, it’s surprising that so many people still go under the needle.

Well, it would be if piercings weren’t so damn cute.
But how do people contemplating piercings go about deciding where on their body to have the deed done?

Bustle spoke to an expert on the subject to cut through the layers of internet crap and find out if there really are danger areas we should avoid getting pierced.
Thankfully for all you tragus/nipple/belly button piercing addicts out there, there was only one place TJ Cantwell, a piercer from Studio 28, said was truly dangerous to get pierced.
Here at Studio 28 Tattoos we have one piercing that we refuse to do. It is typically called a “snake bite piercing“; Which, in case you were wondering “is a curved barbell put through the tip of the tongue.” And TJ adds: “It is incredibly unsafe to have this piercing.”

Snakeeyes piercing (source: Instagram)

Oh and in case you were wondering the reason why this piercing – also known as a snake eyes piercing – is totally NSFL (Not Safe For Life), TJ explained it pretty clearly…

“It binds together the 2 muscles that make up the tongue so they cannot move independently.”

“The jewellery itself sits on the back of the teeth. It is almost guaranteed that the client will see gum erosion, cracking/chipping of the teeth, and migration/rejection of the piercing leaving a nasty looking scar.”
Oh good.

Snakeeyes Piercing (Source: Instagram)



Brooches: An Underestimated Fashion Accessory

Brooches have been around since like forever and can be worn to virtually any event and on all pieces of clothing. It has the ability to make you stand out in a crowd.

How And Where To Wear A Brooch

  • Dress: Accentuate your bust lines by placing an attractive brooch at the bottom of the vee. Bothered about that dress being too big- not to worry, the brooch’s got you covered. Simply gather the extra fabric in the back (like from the bust, because you need that to fit) and pin it with the brooch.

  • Lapel: This is the most versatile place where you can put pieces of any type, size or colour.


  • Blouse or Shirt: Place a medium sized geometric brooch near the collar of your shirt or blouse, to join both ends of the fabric.


  • Hair bun: To add a little sparkle to your hair, simply attach a brooch to a plain hair bun and tie up your hair as you would normally do.


  • Hat or Beret: Pick your favourite brooch and stick it onto your plain-coloured hat to create a signature piece that looks great.


  • Jeans: Add loads of glitz and glam to your denims. Shimmering crystals and cubic zirconia will look good on any jeans. If you do not already have a sequin-clad pair, a brooch with multiple crystals provides an easy way to add sparkles and glitter.


  • Shoes: Attach plain-coloured , abstract brooches or funky multi-coloured pins to the band or near the seam for rigidity and you have an instant pair of jewelled footwear. Try different but similarly styled brooches for the left and right shoe.


  • Skirt: A large floral brooch can make a big difference to your plain skirt . Place it in the middle or to your side, whichever suits the style.


  • Clutch, Bag or Purse: To give a makeover to a dull-looking bag, simply add one floral brooch to the corner or place it right at the centre to glam up the bag.