Time of Our Lives- Dirty Dancing Themed Eyeshadow Palette To Be Released

Dirty Dancing is inarguably a classic we won’t be forgetting anytime soon and the possibility of a dirty-dancing themed eyeshadow palette has got all fashion-lovers excited.

Sola Look, the Boston-based Indie beauty brand that released the successful Flash Dance palette in September revealed  on its instagram page it will be releasing a shadow set inspired by this classic movie.

Though the palette isn’t scheduled for release until next year, (which coincidentally marks 30 years since the release of the movie), the brand is accepting suggestions for color picks on Instagram. Among those being considered are peach and brown-based neutrals, plus a few bolder hues, like purple and aquamarine.
Suggestions for shade names are also pouring in.

 Instagram user @Hairbymigs said, “will there be a color called baby??? And will it be in the corner???? You gotta name one ‘Time of your life’ and one ‘She’s Like the wind’.” 

The brand confirmed that there will be a color called “Baby” and it’ll be taking center stage in the palette: “It will be more so in the middle. We’re trying to get her out of that corner that she’s been stuck in for the last 30 years.”  

This announcement sure gives us something to look forward to in 2017, and we’ll be counting down the days to its release!


Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

For days when you get so busy or just don’t have the time and energy to put into making up, here are some Fast and easy shortcuts to look amazing and have a flawless model-like look. These tips also come in handy when you run out of products or are on a budget or you just want the perfect look.

Looking good doesn’t come easy, but these hacks sure make it look like child’s play…

Make Your Own Bronzer


To make your bronzer, Combine 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 teaspoons of cornstarch/powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder until evenly mixed. Use a large makeup brush to lightly dust the mixture everywhere you want to glow.

Get A Fuller Pout

Make your lips look fuller by applying shimmery eye shadow in the center of your lower lip after applying your lip colour. The reflection of light at the center of the lips creates an illusion of a fuller pout. The powder alsohelps set your lip color.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar As Toner


Don’t skip on moisturizer just because you have oily skin. This will dry your skin out and make it produce more oil. Instead, try an apple cider vinegar and water mixture, or green tea as a toner (both balance your skin’s pH levels) before applying your moisturizer.

Turn Your Pencil Eyeliner Into A Gel Eyeliner

heat your pencil eyeliner over a lighter or matchstick for a 1 second, let it cool for about 15 seconds and voila! You have a gel eyeliner

Eliminate Permanent Sweat Stains

Squeeze lemon juice on sweat stains, leave for some minutes and wash to remove the stains completely.

Save your old mascara brush and use to apply eyebrow color

Line Your Eyes The Right Way To Prevent Smaller-Looking Eyes


Don’t apply black eyeliner all around your eye. This will make your eyes appear much smaller than they are. Line the top with black liner, the bottom with brown liner, and the waterline with nude liner to really open your eyes.

Stuck On How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye?

Beauty Point of View

Use a credit card to create a fool-proof line

How To Apply Under-Eye Concealer

 The most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. 


This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, shining the light right underneath your eye, and drawing the focus upward.

Use Mascara as Eye Liner


If you have run out of eye liner and you are in a hurry, you can use your mascara instead. Just rub an eye liner brush over the mascara brush and then line your eyes. This works well if your mascara is the same color as the eye liner that you typically use and even if it’s not, it will help you to get your eyes lined in a pinch. The mascara will wash off your eye lids just like it does off your lashes.

Test Foundation On Your Neck Not Your Face

Hayati Magazine

The skin on your face, due to increased sun exposure or breakouts, isn’t the same color as the rest of your body. So, if you match your foundation to your cheek, you might end up with a shade that doesn’t match your neck and chest and doesn’t look natural. Instead, swipe three shades of foundation right below your jawline, blend them in, and whichever shade disappears is the one you should choose.

Use Baby Powder For Longer And Fuller Eyelashes


For fuller and longer eyelashes, dab on some baby powder in-between the first and second coat of mascara. Repeat this two to three times.

Get a Cupid’s Bow Shape with Lip Liner


To get fuller and more luscious lips, you simply have to learn how to properly apply lip liner. In order to get the Cupid’s Bow shape, you just need to mark an “X” in the center of your top lip, line the corners and then join everything together. Once you apply your lipstick, your lips will look much fuller.

To Close Up Your Pores and Make Your Makeup Last Longer


Rub an ice cube all over your face before you apply makeup.
Apply Vaseline on Your Pulse Points Before Spraying Your Perfume To Make The Scent Last Longer.


Since the ointment is occlusive, it will hold the fragrance on your skin longer than if you were to spray the perfume just onto your skin.

White Eye Shadow Makes Eyes Stand Out

White eye shadow is a great choice if you really want your eyes to stand out. You just have to layer your lid with white eye shadow and then add the colors that you want. The white will also keep those other colors from rubbing off before the end of the day and you can even add white to the top of the lid by the brow to really make your eyes pop.

Set Lipstick to Last


A sheet of tissue and some translucent powder is all you need to mattify and set your lipstick. After you have applied your chosen lip color, hold a tissue over your lips and dust just a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

Get Makeup Off Shirt Collars Easily

Skinny Ms

Sometimes when you are in a rush to get ready, you may accidentally get makeup on your shirt collar. Foundation can be particularly difficult to remove. Just add a bit of shaving cream and wipe that makeup away with a damp cloth. The shaving cream works perfectly, won’t harm your clothing and best of all, you won’t have to take the time to change before you leave.

Olive Oil To Remove Matte Lipstick And Smudge-Proof Eyeliner


Want to remove matte lipstick and smudge-proof eyeliner? Just massage olive oil over your lips and lids!

Curl Your Lashes and Line Your Lids At The Same Time

Draw some eyeliner on your eyelash curler and dress your eyes at the same time as you curl your lashes!

Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup

Wipe makeup off by putting some coconut oil on a cotton swab and wiping it on the makeup

E.L.F. Lipsticks Super-Genius Secret Compartment

E.L.F lipsticks are a favourite for cheap”  girls like me who want to own a wide range of high quality lipsticks at the lowest possible cost; But did you know that each moisturizing lipstick comes with a small clear compartment at the bottom which isn’t only for colour-matching but actually contains more lipstick? 


Achelle Richards,creative director of E.L.F. cosmetics, told Refinery 29, “we designed our moisturizing lipsticks to hold the lipstick formula in the base of the componentry. This feature makes it easier to color match.”

So, if you ever run out of your favourite E.L.F lipstick, you know where to get some until you’re able to replace it.

Products Similar to the E.L.F moisturizing lipstick are:

  • Ofra Cosmetics Lipstick

  • Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick

  • Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colour

  • MUA Professional colour-drenched lip butter

Beyoncé Ups Her Courtside Shoe Game With Vetements

Were there two games happening last night at the NBA season opener in Oakland? Sure, the crowd was going wild for the heated on-court action between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. But sitting courtside upon the unicorn-printed heel of Vetements’s green Lurex sock boots, Beyoncé was boasting a worship-worthy shoe game herself. In fact, with her outré footwear choice, she proved that spectator chic isn’t limited to sneakers alone.

The oversize camo Ivy Park parka the singer wore with her signature denim cutoffs was just as statement-making as the custom DIY Gucci bomber she sported to last month’s Dallas Cowboys game. Keeping her eye-skimming Formation World Tour hat low—the same hat her mini-me, Blue Ivy, recently wore—and her Gucci bamboo-handled Dionysus bag tucked underneath her seat, Beyoncé let her Lurex-shod feet take the spotlight. And that’s the kind of fancy footwork that’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser, on and off the court.

(Source: Vogue)

Homemade Leave-in Conditioner Recipes for Healthy Hair

I’ve been transitioning from my relaxed to natural hair for about 8 months now, and whenever I don’t have a weave in, my hair is very difficult to manage. This almost made me change my mind about going natural. I tried several store-bought products but nothing seemed to work, so I decided to look for homemade remedies, and this is what I came up with
Coconut Cream Leave-In Conditioner 

1 oz slightly melted (not completely melted) extra virgin coconut oil

2 oz aloe vera gel

1 tsp avocado oil


 Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly with a hand mixer on medium speed.

 use on damp, freshly washed hair or on dry hair.

Multi-Oil Leave-In Conditioner

 This conditioner will condition your strands, increase the luster of your hair, and reduce split end formation and breakage while styling.


3 oz avocado oil

2 oz extra virgin olive oil

1 oz almond oil

1 oz castor oil

1 oz extra virgin coconut oil

5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil


Pour all the ingredients into an oil mister and shake the bottle well to thoroughly mix the oils together.

It can be used on damp (but not too damp), freshly washed hair.

Conditioner-Based Leave-In

4 oz distilled water

1 oz Hair Conditioner

1 oz avocado oil or olive oil


Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle or mister and shake well to thoroughly mix the ingredients together.

It Can be used on damp, freshly washed hair or on dry hair.

Store in a refrigerator to prolong the shelf life.

Coconut Aloe Leave-In Conditioner


4 oz (or ½ cup) of aloe vera juice

6 oz (or ¾ cup) of coconut water

6 drops of  essential oil

Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to mix all the ingredients together.

 Store in a refrigerator until ready for use.  Best used on damp, freshly washed hair.

 Jojoba and Mint Conditioner


60mls (2oz) jojoba oil

120mls (4oz) water

Peppermint Oil


Take a larger spray bottle (an old leave-in conditioner bottle will do) and add the jojoba oil, water and a few drops of Peppermint essential oil.

Mix well, spray on your wet hair

Anti-Dandruff DIY Leave-In Conditioner

This conditioner works great against dandruff and other scalp-related problems


1 cup of distilled or purified water

½ cup of Aloe Vera Juice

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1 Tablespoon lime juice

5 vitamin E capsules

2 Essential Oils (Thyme and Tea Tree) 20 drops of each

½ can of coconut milk


mix all the ingredients and  pour your mixture into an empty spray bottle. Don’t forget to shake well before every use.

 Daily Moisturizer
Add a very small amount of your regular conditioner into a spray bottle, pour double amount of the chosen carrier oil (it can be olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil…), add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and fill up the rest of the bottle by adding filtered water.

Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

A relatively cheap conditioner guaranteed to keep your hair shiny and frizz-free


15mls (0.5oz) jojoba oil

15mls (0.5oz) sweet almond oil

7mls (0.25oz) vegetable glycerine

10 drops of essential oil


mix all ingredients, put in a spray bottle and add water to fill the spray bottle up.

Leave-in detangler


Glycerine smooths out hair, detangles it, allows it to retain that much needed moisture and can be used with essential oils and other natural ingredients or alone diluted in purified water.
whip together a basic hypoallergenic glycerin leave in conditioner by simply adding one part vegetable glycerin and four parts of water.

Aloe vera juice, coconut oil and lemon juice for dandruff

Aloe vera could simply be your go-to ingredient for getting rid of your dandruff problem.  Aloe vera comes with antibacterial and antiviral properties which help cleanse the scalp and release the hair from excess oil and dirt. Also, lemon is rich in vitamin C and is acidic in nature, making it an exceptional choice to help keep dandruff at bay. Like these two ingredients, coconut oil acts like a deep conditioner and moisturises your hair rightly. 


Take 1 cup of water with ½ cup of aloe vera juice.

To this, add 1 tbsp of coconut oil and lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a spray bottle and spray on damp hair.

Argan Oil For Frizzy Hair

Argan oil is fine in texture and can strengthen and moisturise dry and dull hair due to presence of vitamin E. A few drops could relieve you from frizz and split ends as well.


Take 2-3 drops of pure argan oil and run your fingers through damp hair.

Ensure you don’t touch the scalp.

Let your hair dry naturally.

After going through the list of homemade leave-in conditioners, I decided to make mine.
I mixed some olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, glycerine, aloe Vera gel, hair placenta, 2 vitamin A capsules and 2 vitamin E capsules in a spray bottle and filled the bottle with coconut water.

I’ve been using this mixture for about 2 weeks now, and my hair is way softer, shinier, and easier to manage.

Way to save some bucks and get positive results. *winks*

How To Style Your Faux Locs Plus More

​Faux locs have been around for a while, but they seem to be especially popular now. Been considering having one installed myself, just scared it will cause a lot of hair breakage, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be a protective hairstyle.

I searched for ways to style it, just in case I eventually have it done (wouldn’t want to be stuck with just one look), and I decided to share some of the styles I came across.

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So here’s some useful tips in the management of the locs:

  • For manageable locs, opt for shorter lengths.
  • The material used in making the locs determines how heavy it will be. Yarn is the lightest and does not weigh the hair down so much, human hair is more flexible but it is more dense, while synthetic is the most flexible and the heaviest.
  • Moisturize regularly, wash and condition at least bi-weekly and if you’re concerned about your natural hair curling up out of your protective style when moisturized, you can use a bit of gel to smooth over the outside of your braids and tie them down with a scarf. 
  • Massage your scalp daily using a light oil such as coconut oil. This keeps your scalp moisturized, clean, and even promotes hair growth! It also helps ease the pain the first few days of having the locs done.
  • Take the locs down in a timely fashion, and detangle each section using a mix of conditioner, water, and oil to work through any tangles, especially to de-gunk the roots.

The one place you should never get a piercing according to an expert

​Piercings can be tricky things, with so many horror stories and dos and don’t floating around the internet, it’s surprising that so many people still go under the needle.

Well, it would be if piercings weren’t so damn cute.
But how do people contemplating piercings go about deciding where on their body to have the deed done?

Bustle spoke to an expert on the subject to cut through the layers of internet crap and find out if there really are danger areas we should avoid getting pierced.
Thankfully for all you tragus/nipple/belly button piercing addicts out there, there was only one place TJ Cantwell, a piercer from Studio 28, said was truly dangerous to get pierced.
Here at Studio 28 Tattoos we have one piercing that we refuse to do. It is typically called a “snake bite piercing“; Which, in case you were wondering “is a curved barbell put through the tip of the tongue.” And TJ adds: “It is incredibly unsafe to have this piercing.”

Snakeeyes piercing (source: Instagram)

Oh and in case you were wondering the reason why this piercing – also known as a snake eyes piercing – is totally NSFL (Not Safe For Life), TJ explained it pretty clearly…

“It binds together the 2 muscles that make up the tongue so they cannot move independently.”

“The jewellery itself sits on the back of the teeth. It is almost guaranteed that the client will see gum erosion, cracking/chipping of the teeth, and migration/rejection of the piercing leaving a nasty looking scar.”
Oh good.

Snakeeyes Piercing (Source: Instagram)

Source: cosmopolitan.co.uk